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Present classes taught in San Antonio, TX.  Plenty of seats are always available!  (this class is also suitable for prospective CAPM exam prep course takers)


Special Note:  You do NOT have to be a full time project manager to attain this credential, nor do you have to have many years of experience as a project manager.  We teach professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, and 100% of our students who have taken the PMP exam passed on their FIRST try!


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When it comes to preparing our students for the Project Management Professional, or PMP, Exam Preparation course.  Whether you're a company or an individual, your most important goal is our number one priority: Passing the Exam the first and ONLY time you'll ever have to take it.   Our company is driven by two important guidelines: Integrity and Unparalleled Service!  

We are the ONLY company in Texas whose students have all passed 100% on their first and only attempt on the PMP Exam.  And with a PMP as valuable as an MBA (Master's in Business Administration), yet only taking 5 weeks of classroom instruction, homework, and the finest vetted teaching materials in the world, our recipe is in our deep desire for Unparalleled Service!

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WELCOME Friends From All Walks of Profession!  Please come in and make yourself at home, because you're about to embark on a journey that will ever enrich your life both personally and professionally.


Our R.E.P. number is 4039 of our unmatched Hallmark College curriculum.

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Special Offer! We are offering rebates to be received upon course completion for groups and/or businesses wishing to enroll multiple people in any one of our PMP exam preparation classes.  These savings also apply to groups who wish to set up training at their location or enroll in one of our on-site university classes.  And here are the rates:


3-4 people = 10% rebate

5-6 people = 12.5% rebate

7 + people = 15% rebate



  • Our Company's Owner is a Wounded Warrior (Wounded in Iraq 01/2006)


  • Part Of Every Dollar We Earn Goes Towards Helping Our Nation's Veterans, Wounded Warriors, And Their Families

About The Project Management Professional Credential

What if there was a credential capable of increasing your pay by 30% or more? What if it was globally accepted as the gold standard of its class (over 186 countries)?*  Well, you've found it.  It's called the Project Management Professional, or PMP, and it's as valuable and challenging, as it is rewarding.  


This credential enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the individual, the projects they manage, and the organization whose projects they manage.  For this reason, it's understandable why it's not an easy credential to earn.  But as any good project manager will tell you, for every problem, there is a solution.  Click here to see.

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All Course Materials Used by C-PMVs LLC are created by Registered Education Providers under the Project Management Institute.

*These are facts gathered by the Project Management Institute, a 501(c)10 Non-profit organization with six trademarked global certifications.  You may find more information at their website,